About Us

About Us

Empowering tomorrow's advancements, bridging AI and robotics to redefine the future landscape.


Our end-to-end services range from Automatio training included AI, Robotics,Data analytics as well as Big data services. We help enterprises to automate and accelerate business process transformation,maximize OutPut,and boost process efficiency so that they can focus on higher-value work.


Precision Automation have helped electronics manufacturers with advanced automation solutions that increase manufacturing productivity and effectiveness.


Accurate Automation is committed in achieving customer satisfaction by supplying high quality products on timely manner and at modest price by adding value through continual improvements.

Vision & Mission

Shaping the Future with Robot Intelligent Technologies

Our Vision

Our vision with AIoT is to revolutionize connectivity, empower industries, and enhance lives through seamless integration of artificial intelligence and IoT technologies.

Our Mission

Develop Cutting-Edge Technology

Creating an AI-driven, blockchain-based platform for decentralized finance, combining machine learning algorithms for predictive analytics with secure transaction protocols.

Enable Automation and Efficiency

Enable automation and efficiency to streamline processes, optimize resources, and enhance productivity within the organization effectively.

Enhance Safety and Reliability

Enhance safety and reliability by implementing robust protocols, ensuring compliance, and continually improving operational standards for optimal performance.

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Research and Development -Revolutionary Research and Development initiatives are pivotal for technological advancement and innovation storage.


Design and Engineering -Strategic Design and Engineering drive innovation and optimize storage solutions effectively.


Deployment and Support -Efficient Deployment and Support services ensure seamless operations and customer satisfaction consistently.

Our Products

Cutting-Edge AI and Robotic Product Solutions

Model 23EK4

AssistBot Rex

AssistBot Rex optimizes processes, boosts productivity, and offers personalized assistance for enhanced efficiency and performance.


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