JAMITSON integrates Smart robotic Automation Ecosystems

JAMITSON is an AIOT-powered, smart, and intelligent robotic process automation digital transformation ecosystem integrator. It is an industry 5.0 automation platform that utilizes Life Pattern Insight Optimization technology (LPIO) for research and development in academia, B2G,B2B manufacturing, auto tech, and industrial settings.

LPIO technology of JAMITSON, designs optimises and streamlines your automation needs and integrates using personalised AIOT tech integration.

jamitson's LPIO Technology is costumised for your R&D academia & b2b manufacturing business needs in designing your robotric automation ecosystem for better productivity, profitablity,and scale,start it today its a win win.


r&d Academia

Jamitson's Powerful AIOT Data analytic algorithims powered by LPIO

Jamitson is the first app that with the help of AI, lets people focus their thoughts, identify their priorities, journal the progress, reveal patterns and keep people on track.

Data driven audit for R&D academia,b2b manufacturing, organisational institutions

JAMITSON LPIO has unique capability to detect lifepattern insights activities through various robotic iot devices databases,past existing available data. our LPIO technology knows how to extract the data out of these DATASETS and use it to show patterns

Get Audited & Optimised with smart automation integrated ecosystem builder-JAMITSON LPIO

Jamitson’s smart automation ecosystem auditor & builder platform is first to offer the optimised automation ecosystem,using its own tailormade life pattern insights optimisation technology LPIO that with the help of AI, lets people focus their & identify their priorities, track progress , reveal patterns and keep project on track. Discover the priorities through conversation with AI, understand and plan how to invest efforts in these priorities and re-visit these from time to time

Audit your organisational lifepattern insights with us , to make it more efficient and sustainable.

The data that is extracted from the LPIO TECHNOLOGY is available for Realtime monitoring & analysed by AI to reveal correlations and patterns that can help users achieve understanding of the factors that impact their organisational process efficiency productivity & profitability.

HOW b2b manufacturing units and R&D benefits WITH JAMITSON LPIO TECHNOLOGY

LPIO technology

Automate optimise with JAMITSON Jamitson LPIO technology offers organised sensor, device overall data driven insights ,based on priority parameters, vital information from them in real time in their own language. Accurate data driven informed decision making saves time , mitigates risks of errors and loses.

Save Time with Data analytic dashboards

JAMITSON is never tired, always emphatic and ready to have a conversation with ORGNISATIONS,R&D ACADEMIA on things that matter to them in their own language, in simplified DASHBOARDS. Save time with data driven insights JAMITSON helps in brings meaning to your life pattern data insights uses complex cutting edge technologies and makes it simple for you to understand in simple 1 stop dashboards. Get life pattern data insights to automate & optimise process to Scale efficiently Audit with your existing data, with us drill down and understand the pattern that impact your MANUFACTURING PROCESS ,R&D Academia automate the whole ecosystem, accordingly.

Audit with your existing data, with us drill down and understand the pattern that impact your MANUFACTURING PROCESS ,R&D Academia automate the whole ecosystem, accordingly.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is JAMITSON?

    JAMITSON is a smart AIOT integrated automation ecosystem of industrial robots, for b2b manufacturing & R&D academia, utilizing life-pattern data insights optimization technology (LPIO).

  • Jubilant Automated Machine Intelligence Technology Solving Optimisation Needs

  • LPIO is a proprietary technology that uses artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to analyze data from various sources, such as sensors, machines, and production processes, to identify patterns and insights that can be used to optimize operations.

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